Here's how to find us: From the train station "Stazione Termini" (Piazza dei Cinquecento) you can catch the number 64 bus, and get off at the 16th stop called "Crocifisso/Porta Fabbrica". Once there, you can reach our apartments within 2 minutes’ walk. For alternative routes please visit

Is it a nice area? Absolutely, there’s neither traffic nor noisy spots. It’s one of the most elegant quarters in the City.

Are there any differences in price between low and high season? No, we only have some restrictions on availability.

How do I pay? Once availability of the apartment of your choice is confirmed, Sanpietrohome will require confirmation of payment of your deposit and will subsequently reserve the premises for you. You can pay the rest (cash only) when we’ll hand you the keys.

Can I cancel my booking? Yes, as long as you give us at least 15 days’ notice before your agreed arrival date. Sanpietrohome will reimburse you 50% of the deposit with a postal order.

Why cats? Because Rome is their city par excellence
and because here at Sanpietrohome we
love them.